With the innovative concept of the 3D-MATRIX Solution®, SSI Schaefer offers a highly dynamic system solution for storage and picking of totes/cartons/trays, layer trays and pallets. The unique combination offers maximum flexibility and future-oriented scalability. 

3D-MATRIX Solution®: Storage, Buffering and Sequencing in One Single System

The advantages:

  • System concept for cases, layer trays, and pallets
  • The movements of the transport media in the warehouse in x-, y- and z-direction are separated from one another and carried out simultaneously
  • Pre-run buffering by transfer stations
  • Entire sequencing of the orders
  • Warehouses can be easily extended
  • Access to all items at any time without a decrease in performance
  • Eliminates the need to ABC classify inventory
  • Simplifies maintenance activities by unlimited accessibility even when the plant is in operation
  • Highly dynamic sequencing without bottlenecks

Problems of conventional warehouses

Conventional warehouse systems are typically designed for retrieval towards the front of the aisles (x-axis). The vertical movement of the conveying systems on the y-axis is performed by means of storage and retrieval machines or lifts. The storage and retrieval machines or shuttle cars are equipped with load handling devices which directly access the storage positions (z-axis). The load carriers which are taken out of the storage positions are handed over to the conveying systems or transfer stations by means of storage and retrieval machines. The transfer stations and the performance of the lifts and conveyor system loops in the conventional warehouse limit the dynamic performance of the system because the whole material flow is bottlenecked by the limited number of retrieval points and components. 

Functionality and components of the 3D-MATRIX Solution®

The movements of the transport media within the warehouse in x-, y- and z-direction are separated from one another and carried out simultaneously. Access to the stored goods, ranging from totes, layers to pallets, is done by means of shuttles. The requested load units are moved to lift transfer stations and buffered there. Individual access of the lifts to the transfer stations enables the sequencing of retrieval operations and load-dependent storage. Thanks to this layout, almost any number of picking and shipping stations can be individually configured, integrated, and forwarded in sequence. Thus, all retrieval operations are performed separately and exclusively for the connected work station. With this design, warehouses can be flexibly extended in length, width, and height without the need for changing the functionality of the overall system.

Unlimited accessibility is facilitated even when the plant is in operation, which also simplifies any maintenance activities. The extension stages can be easily integrated into the infrastructure of the existing warehouse management IT. Thanks to the innovative design of the 3D-MATRIX Solution®, the warehouse system does all the sequencing. The SSI Schaefer shuttles have access to the maximum number of storage compartments. The flexible number of lifts, in return, enables a greater number of transfer stations. The storage and retrieval machine is decoupled from the picking work station and a time saving of up to one hour is obtained. Imbalances in the order and item structure are also fully eliminated.

Lagerung und Kommissionierung von Behältern, Kartons, Tablaren, Lagen-Trays und Euro-Paletten
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